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The future of your finances

As age creeps up on us, our mental health can become a problem which may eventually result in us requiring long term care. Managing our finance will definitely become an issue. What happens to our finance if we complete lose our memory?

This is why legal representation should be sorted out at the first site of health conditions which may eventually lead to long term care. You will need someone to manage your finance. If the legal leg work can be completed early, it will save time and hassle once the health conditions become full blown. It is therefore advisable that you should have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place once you hit retirement. This allows someone else to manage your financial or health related affairs when you are no longer capable of doing so.

Bara Home Legal Team

The Bara Home Legal Team is here to make sure all legal matters resulting from your need for long term care are properly handled. Our main focus is on protecting your children or your beneficiaries who are left to manage your finances, when you are no longer here to do so or are no longer capable of doing so.
The fact is that today’s world is full of uncertainties and some unfortunately end up being duped out of what is rightful theirs by total strangers, generally influential persons or sometimes not surprisingly, even their family!

How we aid our clients

The best way of protecting your finances and your beneficiaries is by having a will to ensure that you do not die intestate and can bequeath everything you wish to the right person. 

Our team of professionals will:

  • help you draw up a will, the moment health problems or dementia resulting from old age start to creep up you.
  • make sure that trust has been put in place on things like life insurance policies or properties to try and mitigate inheritance tax and long term care costs.
  • make sure that your long term care costs are properly handled so that you are well taken care of.

But, we are not only here for YOU! We are also here for your beneficiaries.  We will guide and aid them in decisions affecting their finances. We will fully represent them in any aspects related to their finances to ensure their financial safety remains intact. We will make sure that they know how to properly utilize the finances they have inherited from you and will legally protect them from those who may be plotting to rob them out of thier inheritance.

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You can contact us for a FREE consultation meeting! Do not wait too long! Remember, taking care of your finances is one of the first things that you should focus on if you notice signs of memory loss and dementia. We will help you handle your finances in a smart and efficient way and will make sure that they fall into the hands that you want them to fall into.


We value the feedback of our clients. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

My grandfather passed away a few years back and left me a lot of money that I didn’t know how to use. Luckily, I got the legal care of the Bara Home Legal Team and I am still doing well for myself. Thank you Bara Team!
By By Shawn Davidson

I am so thankful that this company advised my mom to make a will, when she realized that she will soon need long term care. I was able to manage her finances well and took care of her until her demise, without having to worry about anyone else trying to steal her money.
By Linda Burns

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